The Gospel of Matthew: Road Signs: Go & Come follow Me

Message 10/6/19

The Gospel of Matthew: Road Signs - Go then Come Follow Me

Key Scripture - Matthew 19:16-30

Big Idea

It is not what you lack that is causing you to feel lost and incomplete. 

It is what you have that causes your discontent.


Seeds of Faith

Problem with Religion

Sell your Possessions

Gospel Finances

Give up your personal idols

Ba'al & Asherah - Yesterday and Today

Idols require a sacrifice

Give to the Poor

God doesn't want your money...

Take what was an idol and use it for God's purposes

Then come follow me

Leave behind your old way of life

Ongoing Relationship

Shiny Things


With God all things are possible

Beautiful Mess

Love & Fruit

One hundred times as much

Idols take up way more space than they are worth