Hurricame Relief and Recovery

What is God calling you to do?

Hurricane Relief and Recovery

The following is an excerpt from a blog post found on The Gospel Coalition's site from Pastor J.A. Medders who leads a church in the Houston Metro Area: In times like this, “I’m praying!” can feel like a Christianized “I’m thinking of you.” But the best way to avoid that hypocrisy is to actually pray. Take a few moments and specifically pray for our area, especially any people or churches you know here.

Let the pictures you see online serve as kindling for your prayers. The Father is listening. The Son is mediating. The Spirit is helping. When you see a picture, stop and cry out to heaven. Father, help them. You said faith can move mountains, so, Father, move this storm.

Pray for the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner. Pray for the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. Pray for first-responders and all involved in rescue efforts. Pray for the afflicted. Pray for the churches and our efforts to be Good Samaritans and good witnesses.

In the post J.A. also pleads with his brothers and sisters in Christ to give to the relief efforts. Here are several different places you can give:

Americares, Apple/Red Cross, Greater Houston Community Foundation, Houston Northwest Church, Bayou City Fellowship, St. Thomas Episcopal Church and School