Message Notes

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You can agree with all the truth in the Bible, and yet, never be moved in your heart and spirit by God’s love for you. On the flip side, you can have the most emotional experience, and yet, without truth, your faith cannot weather the storm. We must worship God in spirit and truth.

Psalm 100



His People

Repetition of Commands

Our Response

Worship is responding to the greatness and glory of God in thought, word and deed, as individuals and as a community....regardless of our circumstances

#1. We were made to worship

  1. Who or what do we worship in our lives besides God?

#2. We must worship in spirit and in truth

  1. John 4:23
  2. Worshiping in truth
  3. Acts 17:11
  4. Example of the Berean Jews
  5. Matthew 13:5-6, 20-21 OR Mark 4: 5-6, 16-17.
  6. Jesus’ parable of the seed on rocky soil
  7. Worshiping in spirit
  8. We need to have hearts that are willing to be honest before God
  9. Matthew 23:27-28
  10. Example of the Pharisees

#3. What does pleasing worship to God look like?

  1. Honest hearts
  2. Choosing God in every area of our lives, in every situation